We are a fully Western Australian owned and operated company specialising in all facets of groundwater exploration, development, management and protection as well as geotechnical investigations. With four of our drillers being ADIA Class 3 certified with over 120 years of combined drilling experience, we have a wealth of specialised water well drilling experience and possess the skills and capability to perform projects to 1500 meters through all ranges of environmental media. Austral has an excellent reputation for successfully undertaking a wide range of projects with highly experienced support personnel, both in the office and in the field, to ensure successful and timely completion of all projects.

Mud rotary and high pressure air rotary techniques are the main stay of our business and regularly drill deep water wells for mining companies and government departments. We also specialise in deep artesian well drilling, having drilled some of the highest head bores in Australia.

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We own and operate genuine positive displacement grout pumps Armstrong AMCI 5 hydraulic piston 1000 PSI x 300 L/M Gardener Denver up to 600 PSI x 400 L/M


We own and operate genuine positive displacement drilling mud pumps.Gardner Denver duplex and triplex mud pumps up to 3000lpm and 10,000 PSI

Mud Mixing, Conditioning and Grout Mixing Equipment

We have our own design mixing tanks incorporating shear mixer for fast efficient mixing of large volumes of mud and grout. We are able to mix up to 16000 ltrs of mud in 20 minutes, provided we have a water source close by. Grout mixing and pumping is carried out as a continuous one shot process, where stop start grout pumping is avoided and much of the risk eliminated. We are able to mix and continuously pump up to 21 m3 of grout per hour.


All drill rigs within our fleet are multipurpose with the capabilities of Air Core, Mud Rotary, Advanced Casing, Air Rotary, RC and Conventional Hammer meaning less equipment being required on site to complete a diverse drilling programme saving time and money.


We design all of our own bottom hole assemblies and have them manufactured to API specifications. We currently have bits, stabilizers and collars to drill up to 36 diameter. Alternate sizes are drawn up as required and locally manufactured within two weeks of order. All of our drill pipe is to API standards.


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